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Important Note: This is a private tour, operated only for your party! With picking the Ephesus Private Tour, you may customize your day; skip or add the destinations you wish, lead your own timing, spend the time at the destinations as you wish, no need to wait for the other travelers in the group and get more personalized service from your tour guide… 

We meet with you at the exit of the Cruise Port at around 08:00 am; this may be varied according to Cruise Lines docking time. Our team informs you about a certain meeting time after we have received your reservation. When you walk out the exit of Cruise Port, you will see our team by holding a sign your name written on it. After we met all the passengers of the Tour, departure and drive 20 minutes to the Ephesus Ancient City. While driving, the tour guide will start giving you the general informations about Turkey and about the region we are at the moment.

In the meantime, our tour we will visit the places below;

  • House of Virgin Mary: where believed the mother of Jesus Christ spent her final years at the beginning of AD’. Paul VI visited the shrine in 1967, and ‘unofficially’ confirmed its authenticity. Pope John Paul II also visited the shrine in 1979. Pope Benedict XVI visited this shrine in 2006. During their visits, they gave some gifts for this shrine that you can see during your visit.
  • Ephesus Ancient City: UNESCO listed the Ancient City of Ephesus that is one of the best well-kept Greco-Roman ancient cities in the world. We will be able to explore; famous Odeon where the music concerts were organized and used as the senate of that time. Domitian Temple, Celsus Library which was the third largest library of the Roman Empire. Great Amphitheatre of Ephesus City known that St. John and St. Paul preached to the Ephesians, Marble Streets, Roman Baths, Trojan Fountain, Hadrian Temple, Commercial Agora, Love House, Public Toilets, and many more…
  • Ephesus Terrace Houses: The Terrace Houses complex in Ephesus consists of luxurious ancient residential villas, located on the northern slope of Bülbüldağı Hill inside the Ephesus Ruins. So far, two housing complexes – Eastern and Western – have been excavated. Built according to the Hippodamian plan where the roads transect each other at right angles. The excavation work of the Terrace Houses started in 1960. The restoration of the houses is an ongoing process and every year there is something new to admire here.
  • Ephesus Archeological Museum: Remnants of the Temple of Artemis, artifacts of the Cukurici Mound, finds from Ephesus’ most glorious Hellenistic and Roman Periods, finds from the Basilica of St John and the fortress nearby, the Belevi Mausoleum and as well as many other artifacts from the excavations held in the vicinity are all in display in the modernized museum.
  • Temple of Artemis: which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

On the other hand, you will also have a chance to visit a cooperative where you may explore one of the most precious Turkish hand-made art; ranch-style rugs&kilims or the famous local leather manufacturers. While you may obtain educational information, at the same time you may see that villager ladies keep weaving their art with their hands. This is an optional place to obtain a detailed opinion about modern Turkish art which is thousands of years old.

At the end of the tour, we will return to the cruise port around 15:30 – 16:30 and complete our day.